Camillus Boiler Replacement - Around Town Plumbing and Heating


Team Town Mechanical:
I’m a modest home owner that had an emergency need for a replacement boiler during the winter month of February. Due to the nature of the world we live in today, sending a testimonial is something I’m reserved about. However, it would be wrong for me not to acknowledge the outstanding quality service provided by Team Town Mechanical.
Chris after talking with you it was apparent you are fully invested into your customer’s needs. I’m also aware that ongoing efforts from unsung heroes behind the scene happens every day, keeping quality operations working takes a focused team of skilled reliable resources. You kept in contact with me at every step, applied all due diligence to rapidly source materials, resources, readied a team for weekend installation, trucks geared up for deployment, prepared for success. Only a well-managed 1st class operation has depth in personal, product knowledge and real experience to make that successfully come together on such short notice.
Your field technicians came into my home as professionals, humble with a positive state of mind, took time to assesses the current situation and verified the scope of work and action plan was in my best interest. With attention to detail they removed the failed boiler and installed a new replacement, during the process identified and corrected poor workmanship done by others. Be assured your field technicians represented your company well. Efforts made by Jordan, Chaz, JP all of them kept presence of mind for task at hand despite my dog’s best efforts to distract them. Without complaint they worked hard with a commitment to provide excellence. Making sure everything was right before they left my home. Team Town Mechanical reassured my faith that customer quality service still exists at a high level.
When the job was completed you made time to follow up and inquired about my customer experience. It’s obvious that Team Town Mechanical truly understands the impact of quality at all levels, that the term quality value added service is not a sales line or cliché to be thrown around you all back it up very well, the quote from W. Edwards Deming says it best regards importance of quality.
“The biggest cost of poor quality is when your customer buys it from someone else because they didn’t like yours” W. Edwards Deming
This customer will be calling Town Mechanical for all future needs.
Thank you all, keep up the good work.

Mark K.