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East Syracuse Bathroom Remodel

East Syracuse Bathroom Remodeling

An update in the bathroom is a great way to improve the appeal of your home. They aren’t the biggest rooms or the ones you see first, but bathrooms should not be overlooked. Replacing fixtures and appliances will make a difference for your our family and your guests.

This project brought a functional half-bath into a new decade. Around Town fixed damage from the original installation and made sure that the new toilet and basin were installed solidly so they would last for years. The slideshow to the right has before and after pictures.

East Syracuse Bathroom Remodel

Before & After

Many plumbing problems can easily be fixed at home or after a short trip to the hardware store. However there are several scenarios when you are better off having a professional deal with the issues. Whether you just bought a home or have been living in one for years, it is always smart to have contact information for a 24/7 plumber nearby.

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