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Around Town has financing options to help you get the work you need done now without breaking the bank.

Spread the cost of your project over time rather than paying all at once!

Finance to Get the Work You Need Done NOW

Financing can actually save you money. By choosing a no- or low-interest plan, you can start your project while leaving your money in the bank earning interest. Much better than loading up one of your credit cards!

  • Dealing with Emergencies

    Unexpected repairs can be major! Financing lets you handle the necessary costs without breaking your family’s budget, and this prevents economic emergencies.

  • Perfect Timing

    Once you’ve decided on a new project, you want to start right away. Don’t feel like you need to wait until you have the whole lump sum saved up. With financing you won’t need to wait for that tax rebate, company bonus, or other income source to arrive. Right now is the perfect time.

  • No Interest Plans

    Contact us today to see if you qualify for one of our no interest plans. Have the work done today and then when the income does come in, you can pay with no interest. There are no pre-payment penalties.

low apr rates

Our plans are flexible: We can help you stay within a fixed monthly budget or defer interest for up to a year.

With up to $55,000 in same-day financing, we offer fast approvals for customers across the financial spectrum.

no interest

Qualified borrowers can get financing with 6 months, no interest, no payment; 12 months, no interest, no payment; or Reduced Rate APR 9.99%.

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