First 3 Steps to Fixing a Leaking Water Heater - Around Town Plumbing and Heating

Are you seeing some drips or little puddles under your water heater? Don’t panic, but don’t ignore the problem. First thing to do, check for any warranty information you may have for the water heater. Gather information like the brand, model and age of your water heater, where you see drips forming, etc. Feel free to call us at 635-5515 for live advice.
If you head to the basement to handle a leaking water heater, remember these three steps for your safety:

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  1. Turn off the gas supply – Before you do any work on your hot water heater, turn off the gas supply! To locate the gas line shut off valve follow the piping coming from the temperature control valve on the front/ bottom of the heater. You would be surprised by how many people forget this obvious step. Gas and electricity should both be treated with caution and respect. It should go without saying that working on any hot water heater can be dangerous. We’re not exaggerating, over-pressurized water heaters have been known to explode!
  2. Drain the Tank Attach a drain hose to the drain valve to drain the tank. Connect a hose, standard garden-variety hoses work fine, to the drain valve and proceed to open the drain valve. Make sure you have opened the pressure relief valve before you open the drain valve. Be careful! The water leaving the tank will be very hot! Let the tank drain for about 5 minutes.
  3. Turn off the cold water inlet valve – Now that the tank has been drained shut off the cold water inlet. Once the cold water inlet has been shut off, wait until the tank is completely drained. You now can attempt the necessary repairs.

Most leaks are caused by weak or faulty water supply connections. Always use the proper materials and techniques when attempting a DIY water heater repair. Make sure you check your work carefully.

Doing a home repair job might be cost effective, but if the job isn’t done correctly, you could cause serious long-term damage and end up spending more money. That’s why it’s a good move to contact Around Town Plumbing & Heating today for a free consultation. Make sure that the job you are about to attempt will be worth your time, effort, and safety.