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Furnace Repair Services: An Inexpensive Experience

Cross your fingers! Not every furnace problem means a costly repair. In fact, if you take these steps to diagnose your unit’s problem you might be able to solve the problem yourself. Or reach out to Around Town, we’ll help you diagnose and solve your problem quickly and efficiently

Troubleshooting your Furnace

If your furnace isn’t working the way you expect, look at the thermostat first. Maybe its batteries died? If the thermostat has power, check its settings. If the thermostat is set to cool, the heat will never come on no matter how low the temperature drops. Once set to “heat,” try to force the furnace on by turning up the target temperature. Make sure that it is on the heat setting and that the temperature to which it is set is higher than room temperature. The fan should be turned to on or auto. If the thermostat is programmable, this could be the issue. Look at the target temperature set for each day and time of day to make sure they make sense to you. You also have to check the actual time and date are set right!

If the Fan Isn’t Running

If the fan to your furnace isn’t running, look for a problem with the power source, check the fuse and breaker. If power if uninterrupted, look at the blower compartment’s inspection window to see if there are any flashing lights, and if there aren’t any, you can deduce that the problem may be with the transformer, motor, run capacitor, or thermostat.

If the Pilot Light Isn’t On

If your furnace uses a pilot light and it doesn’t come on, try to feel the furnace unit. If it is cool, it might be a problem with the gas valve, limit control, or thermostat. If it is warm, check to see if your furnace features an inducer motor, and if it is not running, this could be the source of your problem.

If the Main Burners Don’t Turn On

Check to see whether the main burners turn on when the igniter or pilot light are on. If they don’t turn on, it is important to ensure that there is gas supplied to the unit. If the burners turn on but only stay on for a few seconds, the problem could be with the furnace control board or simply that the flame sensor is dirty.

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