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Hide Your Air Conditioning Unit

Creative Ways to Hide Your Outdoor AC Unit

Customers worry about the look of an outdoor AC unit, how ugly it can be, or where it can even fit. Some people hesitate before purchasing a central AC unit because they are afraid of how it might look. You could hide it inside a huge wooden sculpture like the Trojan Horse, but we’ve come up with some creative and affordable ways for you to conceal your AC unit and have it look good at the same time.

Clever Landscaping

One of the easiest ways to hide your AC unit is to landscape around the unit itself. Plant small shrubs or trees around the unit to conceal it from view. Lilacs or Rose of Sharon, for example, are lush, flowering and grow quickly to six feet or more, a height that will obscure the unit. Evergreens are a great choice since they provide consistent year-round coverage. Boxwoods or junipers would look great. It might not make your unit invisible but people will admire the plants first and it will be difficult to spot unless people are consciously looking for it (only HVAC people like us will be doing that!). You can also plant flowers or ornamental grasses around the unit that can reach a few feet in length to cover the sides of the unit. Tiger lilies are quite tall. This is an easy, natural, and cost-effective way to hide your bulky AC unit.

Fence Me In

Various types of decorative fencing will help conceal the AC unit. There are plenty of different of styles of fencing you can use that works well with your landscaping and also works to hide the unit. Take a look at Home Depot to see many different styles and fence designs that an naturally blend in with your scenery or landscape. A small unobtrusive decorative fence perfectly cover 2 or 3 sides of the AC unit and blends in with the surrounding landscape. If done properly it can also serve as a great conversation piece as well.

Up, Up, and Hidden Away!

Another creative idea to hide your AC unit is to make a vertical garden that covers the sides of the unit. You can buy pre-made vertical gardens at places like Home Depot or Sam’s Club. A vertical garden combines the coverage of fences with the appeal of living plants. These vertical gardens are a fun way to cover up your unit. Plus, if your yard is small, a vertical garden saves space and adds aesthetic value at the same time.

Things to Remember

A few important tips that you should remember before you start hiding your air conditioning units. First off, it is crucial that you:

  1. Don’t block any airflow to and from the actual unit. Blocking the airflow to the unit makes the system work harder and will cost you more money. It could also cause serious damage to the unit.
  2. It is also important to make sure there is enough space around the unit to allow a service technician easy access in case there needs to be service done.

Besides these two tips, you are free to design and decorate is any way you see fit.

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