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New AC at Meals on Wheels of Syracuse

Helping out at Meals on Wheels of Syracuse

On June 15th we were glad to help out an organization that  is doing great work in our community, Meals on Wheels located on 300 Burt Street, Syracuse. Mason Kaufman (Executive Director Meals on Wheels of Syracuse) gave us a call because the air conditioning for their kitchen was no longer working. A lot of work happens in that kitchen and it could get quite hot: volunteers and staff (some of them elderly themselves) serve our community over an average of 800 meals a day.

We replaced two 18,000 BTU wall units, each capable of cooling 600 square feet. Members of the community contributed money to replace the units, and we donated the labor and discounted the new units. New openings for both had to be cut to accept the newer units. These new units use eco-friendly refrigerant R-410A and will run more efficiently than the old units using R-2, which is no longer being used due to the Montreal Protocol on ozone depletion. We were in and out quickly and complemented by Mr. Kaufman on nice work. We look forward to helping them in the future, whether they need experts in plumbing, electrical or HVAC.

To learn more about Meals on Wheels, click their logo above.

Around Town with Mason Kaufman (Executive Director Meals on Wheels)

(Left to Right) John Giuseppetti (TMI) Mason Kaufman (Executive Director Meals on Wheels) Jeremy Mesec (TMI).

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