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Drain Cleaning

There’s a Right Way to Do Drain Cleaning

We Know the Right Thing To Do Because We Can See It
Around Town Plumbing and Heating is the natural choice for drain cleaning: we have the experience, equipment and patience to get the job done right.

Insight Vision

We carry video inspection cameras for use in sewer cleaning and repair. This high-tech equipment allows the technician’s eyes to see underground to inspect sanitary storm lines or systems. It allows us to view the condition of your piping system and to locate any problem areas in your line, including the depth of the line.

Hydro-Jetter Cleaning

Our hydro-jetter cleans sanitary/storm drain systems from 4″ through 12″ in diameter. It safely cleans and removes grease, dirt, rock and other debris from pipe lines. Hydro-jetting can also be used to clean roof drains and vent stacks. Our hydro-jetter has no problem powering through traps, cleanouts and manholes.

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