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Residential and commercial customers rely on the experienced team of professional technicians at Around Town Plumbing, a division of Town Mechanical, Inc. Since 2003, residents in Syracuse, NY and surrounding areas have been turning to us for all their plumbing needs, including new construction design, installation, service, and repair.

Best Plumbers Around Syracuse

If you live in Onondaga County and have water piped into and out of your home, you should give us a call. We are the best around, we beat the competition on experience, quality, and fairness. We handle all manner of plumbing needs. Emergency drain cleaning? Right away, just give us a call. Rehabilitate antique plumbing? Yes. New construction? Yes. Upgrade your fixtures? It would be our pleasure to install the perfect items that will increase the efficiency, value, and enjoyment of your home. So whether you need major help or  just want to stop that drip-drip sound coming from the sink, call us today for a free quote. We want to be your plumbers.

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the work done by Nick and his crew today at our house. The new water heater appears to be operating just as we planned and the new shower heads are a big improvement.
Thank you again for your help in making this plumbing job at our home run so seamlessly.

Andy Fox

1/28/2015, Natur-Tyme

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Around Town is growing! In 2013 we acquired Austin Plumbing and Drain Cleaning and now have even more resources for helping our clientele.

Fiberglass Tub Repair
  • Factory Trained and Certified
  • Acrylic and Gel Coat Repairs
  • Repair Gouges and Holes
  • All National Brands
Sewer Pipe Patches
  • Quick repair on sewer lines
  • Damaged or missing pipe can be repaired by section (when sewer pipe is rotted or broken)
  • Don’t destroy your whole yard
  • Video inspection/hydro-jet required prior to patch install

Around Town‘s  “Hydro-Jetter” cleans sanitary and storm piping systems from a 4″ through a 12″ diameter. This unit also cleans roof drains and vent stacks, and removes grease, dirt, rock, and various types of debris from pipelines. In addition, this unit easily cleans through traps, clean outs, and manholes.

Sewer Installation & Repair
  • fix leaks
  • replace old
  • stop wasting water
Hot Water Heaters
  • service all models
  • replace
  • improve efficiency
  • maintenance plan
Pipe Location Equipment
Sewer Video Inspection
Sewer Jetting & Snaking
Frozen Pipes

Call us right away and we will minimize the damage.

Drain Cleaning

Snakes are only the beginning.

  • video inspection
  • replace broken main
Water Heaters & Expansion Tanks
NYS Certified Backflow Testing
New Construction
Gas Lines
Sump Pump
Grease Traps & Backup Systems
Water Mains & Service
Excavating Services
Confined Entry Certified
Lift Station Maintenance & Repair
Boilers (Residential & Commercial)

Get a Free Quote


Service Contract Rate $85/hour
OT Service Contract Charge $85/hour + Dispatch fee of $90
Non-Service Contract Rate $90/hour + Dispatch fee $45
Overtime Service Charge $135/hour + Dispatch fee $90
Mileage N/C (no charge!)

Regular Hours: 7:30 am to 4:00 pm Monday thru Friday

Overtime Service Charge: Applicable after normal business hours including holidays.


Labor Street Rate $90/hour + Dispatch fee $45
After Hours Service Charge $135/hour + Dispatch fee $90
Hydro-jetter $225/hour or OT $338/hour
EEL Sewer Snake $170/hour or OT $255/hour
Small Snake $105/hour or OT $158/hour
Sewer Camera/Locator $225/hour or OT $338/hour
Excavator w/ Operator $120/hour
Dump Truck w/ Operator $120/hour
Skid Steer w/ Operator $120/hour
Backflow Preventer Testing $120/unit

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