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Plumbing Tips

The Right Sump Pump

Get the Right Sump Pump Measure for what your need There's no way to know which is the right sump pump unless you answer a few questions. 1. How fast does the water come in? Go down to your sump pit on a rainy day and measure how far the water rises in one minute. An...

Sump Pump Repair and Backup

Call Around Town to make sure your sump pump is up to the job and a backup is in place. If your sump pump has failed, we can be there right away, 24/7, 315-635-5515.

Garbage Disposal Care

Garbage Disposals Aren't Invincible It is fun to think that everything you stuff down that hole in your sink gets blown to smithereens when you throw the power switch, and most of the time it does. Your disposal is a powerful little dynamo with whirling teeth that...