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Replacing Air Conditioning Filters

First off, we should mention that it is very important to change the air filters in your air conditioning system. Air filters are designed to collect dust, dirt, and other minerals that pass through your ventilation. Over time material builds up on the filter causing your system to work harder to produce the same effect. Replacing the air filters improves the efficiency of the HVAC system. When your air conditioning is working at maximum efficiency, you can improve the air quality in your home and save money in electricity costs. Everyone likes more money!

Homeowners often forget (or don’t even realize) that they need to change their air filters. Most AC units require that you change the air filters monthly, some systems don’t require a change as often. Most professionals suggest that you change your filter every month during the summer because that is when the unit is used most often and typically for a longer duration of time. Replacing your air conditioning filter is much easier than you may think. The hardest thing about replacing this filter is remembering to do it!

Find your air conditioning filter.

Some filters are located in the main vent which is typically located near the thermostat. If the air filter is not located in the main vent it could be located in a slot in your furnace. Turn off the unit before removing the filter or before any service or maintenance. This will prevent the unit from turning on and circulating particles you’d rather filter out. Some of these furnace units may have a plastic cover or cap on them. Remove the cap, then remove the filter. If you can’t find your air filter, consult the system’s manual to learn how to remove the filter.

What filter do I need?

Assuming there is a filter in there right now, you could drag it along with you to the store, but it will likely be a hairy, dusty mess. Before throwing the old filter in the trash, record the filter type and its dimensions (width x height x depth). If you forget this step or are not sure what type of air filter is required for your system, you can refer to this guide to find your air filter.

There are both reusable and disposable air filter options. Reuseable filters can be removed, cleaned, and replaced but still may be required to be changed annually. Filters range in quality: higher priced models catch smaller particles.

Replace, Repeat Monthly

Purchase a replacement air filter at your local hardware store and slide it in! Orient the filter correctly, paying attention to the intended direction of air flow (arrows are often printed on the edges of the filter). Once the new filter is correctly in place, turn the system back on and let the cool air flow.

Swapping out your filters on a regular basis is easy and highly recommended, but don’t stop there…

Make sure to get an annual HVAC safety inspection.
Call to schedule one today!

Around Town technicians will replace your old air filter during inspections as an added bonus.