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Sump Pump Repair and Backup

Around Syracuse Sump Pump Systems are Essential

Many communities in the Syracuse area are challenged with wet basements. Ground water levels are high especially in Cicero and Clay for example. In many homes the sump pump seems like it is running non-stop. Sump pumps prevent water damage to your basement and foundation. Make sure your home is equipped with both a main sump pump system that is up to the task and a backup sump pump system in place. Call Around Town Plumbing and Heating to make sure you’re prepared or if the worst happens.

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Getting a backup sump pump system can prevent the expensive damage that can happen quickly if your current sump pump fails or the power to it goes out. Backup systems are either water powered or battery powered keeping your basement dry until the power is restored or the main sump pump can be replaced.

Power Failure

A heavy storm will bring a lot of water. If that storm knocks out your electricity, your regular sump pump won’t be able to pump that water.

Pump Failure

No sump pump will last forever. It is hard to know just when they will quit. They work hard until their motor burns out, and then you are going to want to have a backup in place.

water powered backup sump pump

A water-powered backup sump pump is a clever mechanism. When the water gets too high in your pit, a float triggers a valve to open and water from the municipal supply comes rushing through. As the water moves through the specialized valve, it creates suction on another pipe that drains the pit like an oversized straw. Sure, every time the backup pump runs you are wasting water but it’s only temporary until the main sump pump is fixed, and it sure beats the alternative!

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